Yesod ShbGevurah

Alufim gather to recite the Tikkun Klali along with Rebbe Nassons prayer.

Alufim also do Tikun Hayesod as well as Tikun Malkos



Erev Pesach - Alufim delve into the mystery of the "Finger of Elokim" as brought down by the Holy Kabalist Rabbi Shimshon from Ostropoli.

Pesach night - Alufim make group seder in Yerushalim according to the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Chol Hamoed - Alufim gather at Kotel doing a Tanis Debor and reciting the entire Tehilim three times in a row.

Seventh day of Pesach - Alufim arise at dawn to meditate on the name of 72 and recite the Song of the Sea.


Burning of Chametz

Every person who fears G-D, who wishes to save himself from destruction in this world and the next, who wishes to have any chance to be Shomer Habris, should gather all the impure movies, books and magazines in his home and burn them. Clean your house from the zuhamah of the primeval serpent for this is the worst Chametz.


Kabbalah writing updated

we have added Part 2- building protection and a section of Part 3 to this writting
How can I start being Shomer Habris ?


Alufim do Tikun of Rabbi Yehudah Fatayah

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha do the Tikun of Yom Kipor as brought down in Sefer MInchas Yehudah

Also new Kabbalah Writing
The Tikunim of the ARI


New Tips for Shmiras Habris

These have been added to this writing - if you have not read the first part yet, then read it first

16 - The first 40 Days

The arch step of creation is completed in 40 days and this manifests many times in scientific reality. When a person wishes to distance himself from a bad habit the first forty days will always be the hardest, it is during this time that he paves a path. When a person wishes to become Shomer Habris then his hardest struggle will be during the first 40 days as he plows his path through the spirits of impurity. After the first 40 days a person has passed a large milestone and although he is far from safe, the overall test has just become easier. This does not mean that he will not be tested periodically from time to time, it means that he has made a nice separation between himself and the sin and now he can start gathering strength to fight the bigger tests when they come.

17 - You are not safe yet

Even if a person has gone for a long period of time being Shomer Habris he should not consider himself safe. He should not start letting down his guard and crossing the boundaries that he has established for himself. They are just waiting for him to do that so they may once again try to catch him in their trap. A person must be very weary of the Evil One and his techniques. Even if a person feels very pure and that he will not be effected by letting down his guard he should be aware that this is all a trap. He must continue fighting and doing Tikunim. Even a person who has been Shomer Habris for years if he starts being loose with his boundaries, he might be set up on a test that might be hard for him to pass.