Happiness Saves from Pigam Habris

When a person merits to be happy then Hashem Himself watches over him and saves him from Pigam Habris.
(Sichos Haran 20)

Foolishness is the Only Way to Reach Consistent Happiness

A person has to be strong and make himself happy at all times, especially during prayer. A person must force himself with all his energy and might to merit to be happy. Reaching a state of consistent happiness is very hard and heavy on person, more then all other forms of worship. Rebbe Nachman himself said that it appears that a person can only reach consistent happiness through acts of foolishness and humor. That is to make himself foolish and do acts of humor and foolishness. It is only through this that one can reach happiness.
(Sichos Haran 20)

Girdle of a Tzadik Helps Prevent Impure Thoughts

Wearing the belt or girdle that was worn by a Tzadik is a Segulah to nullify impure thoughts.
(Sefer Hamidos, Hirhurim 8)

Tears Make Lusts Abominable

Through tears all the lusts become disgusting.
(Sefer Hamidos, Hirhurim 6)

Stubbornness Against Repentance Causes Breaches

When a person is very stubborn and refuses to do Teshuva, he brings upon his life a huge fracture that can not be cured.
(Sefer Hamidos, Hamtakas Din 97)


Depression Prevents Hisbodedute

When a person is happy the entire day, it becomes very easy for him to dedicate an hour where he can break his heart and in front of Hashem. However when a person is sad and depressed, heaven forbid, then it is very difficult for him to do Hisbodedute and talk to Hashem.
(Sichos Haran 20)

Mikvah Sweetens Judgments

Mikvah sweetens judgments.
(Sefer Hamidos, Hamtakas Din 81)

Holding Breath Under Mikva Water Sweetens Judgments

Sitting and holding your breath under the water of the Mikvah until you can do so no longer, has the power to sweeten judgments.
(Sefer Hamidos, Hamtakas Din 54)

Suffering Alludes to Specific Sins

Through the suffering that comes to a person he can understand and figure out what sins he has to rectify.
(Sefer Hamidos, Hamtakas Din 47)


Always Be Happy

Rebbe Nachman warned us to always be happy and he spoke a lot about this topic as is mentioned in all his holy books. Even more then that he constantly spoke with us personally and warned us many times with numerous warnings that we should always be happy.
(Sichos Haran 19)

Mikvah Removes Suffering

Through immersing in the Mikvah suffering is nullified and salvation arises.
(Sefer Hamidos, Hamtakas Din 22)

Pgam Habris Brings Danger to Travelers

Dangers while traveling occur because of Pgam Habris.
(Sefer Hamidos, Derech B 3)

Sins Prevent Recognition of Hashem

A person that did not rectify his sins can not know Hashem.
(Sefer Hamidos, Daas 28)


Worship Hashem With Simplicity

Rebbe Nachman's main desire and goal was to have us perform actual physical actions of holiness without any sophistication. He desired that we should constantly perform holy acts with complete simplicity. He wanted us to learn a lot of Torah, to perform many Mitzvos each day and do much prayer and pleading, all with complete simplicity and no sophistication.
(Sichos Haran 19)

Hashem Pays Attention to Those That Repent

When a person repents with all his heart, Hashem starts paying attention to his desires and requests.
(Sefer Hamidos, Daas 27)

Misleading Others Causes Impure Thoughts

When a person is accustomed to falsely misleading others (Genevas Daas) it causes him to have immoral thoughts about non Jewish women.
(Sefer Hamidos, Genevah Ugezelah B 2)

Haughtiness Stems from Pgam Habris

Haughtiness stems from not having rectified the sins of the youth (Pgam Habris)
(Sefer Hamidos, Gavah 34)

Excessive Haughtiness Causes Adultery

A person that has a lot of haughtiness will in the end stumble with adultery.
(Sefer Hamidos, Gavah 25)


Haughtiness Leads to Mishcav Zachor

Haughtiness leads to the lust of Mishcav Zachor. It also causes anger. Sometimes a woman can not get pregnant since she is very haughty and too into her appearance.
(Sefer Hamidos, Gavah 2)

Crying Nullifies Immoral Thoughts

Crying nullifies immoral thoughts.
(Sefer Hamidos, Bechiya 2)

Znus Destroys the Home

Anger and Znus of a woman, destroys her home.
(Sefer Hamidos, Bayis 16)

Keri is Damaging

Children die, heaven forbid through the seeing of Keri
(Sefer Hamidos, Bunim B 24)

Reword of Controlling the Yetzer

One who controls his evil inclination, his children will not go off in a bad direction, his wealth will be blessed and he will be saved from any tests.
(Sefer Hamidos, Bunim B 16)

Wash Hands Before Tashmish

When a man and wife wash their hands and give Tzedukah before Tashmish they remove the spirit of impurity from the children they create.
(Sefer Hamidos, Bunim 83)


Zivug Bkedusha

A person that sanctifies himself during permissible relationships through modesty, will have male children.
(Sefer Hamidos, Bunim 46)

Separating Near a Vest

A person that does not separate from his wife at the time when she is likely to be become a Nidah, even if his children are like the sons of Aharon they will die. Someone that does separate, will have male children that are worthy of issuing Halachic rulings.
(Sefer Hamidos, Bunim 42)

Set Torah Study Can Save From Sin

Even those people that are very far from holiness and are so trapped by evil that they commit sins on a regular basis, heaven forbid, can be helped through Torah study. Torah has a great power, so powerful is it that it can take these people away from the sins they habitually commit. If a person makes himself a set schedule and obligation to study Torah for a set amount of time each day, no matter what. Such a person will surely merit to escape the trap of evil due the great power of the Torah.
(Sichos Haran 19)


Impure Relationships Effects Child's Torah

A person that had a relationship with a non Jew or with another man or had thoughts of idolatry will not have a Torah scholar for a son. If his son does learn Torah, he will forget it.
(Sefer Hamidos, Bunim 41)

Serve Hashem Like An Animal

It takes great wisdom and a lot of effort for a person to completely throw away his mind and serve Hashem like an animal.
(Sichos Haran 15)

Do Not Be Satisfied With An Exemption

When a person wants to do a Mitzvah or righteous act but is prevented from doing so by circumstances that are beyond his reach, according to the Torah he is exempt from having to carry out this Avodah. This works well for a person that is just trying to fulfill his obligation. However a person that has a really deep desire to perform the actual Avodah, should not be satisfied with the exemption. For what good is an exemption if he wants to do the actual action. If a person is then strong in his desire and yearning to perform the actual action although he is now exempt, this desire in itself is very good. Even though he is now being forced against his will and does not merit to perform the Avodah, the above thoughts are very beneficial.
(Sichos Haran 14)

Main Thing is Desire and Yearning

The main thing is desire and yearning. Yet a person can not be satisfied with this and must turn the desires into actions.
(Sichos Haran 14)

The Righteous Are Completely Different

A righteous man appears like any other person walking in cloths and shoes (Dakdkin vKarkashos ???) like everyone else. Yet in truth he is a completely different creation. A righteous person is very precious, fortunate is he.
(Sichos Haran 14)


Do Not Marry for Money

A person that marries a woman for the sake of her money, will have inappropriate children. He will also lose the money after a short period of time.
(Sefer Hamidos, Bunim 39)

Husband's Znus Causes Wife to be Mezaneh

A person that does Znus, his wife is Mezaneh on him.
(Sefer Hamidos, Bunim 30)

Husband's Thoughts Effect His Wife

When a person has immoral thoughts, it causes his wife to also have impure thoughts. Through his wife having impure thoughts the Klipos come and defile her in her dreams, causing her children to die.
(Sefer Hamidos, Bunim 29)


Shmiras Anayim Effects Your Children

One who gazes at even the heel of a woman or even at his wife while she is a Nidah will have inappropriate children.
(Sefer Hamidos, Bunim 16)

Widowers Should Recite Parshas Ushum

A person who's wife passed away should recite the Torah section pertaining to the Usham sacrifice each day, until he marries another woman.
(Parshas Usham = Vayikrah Chapters 5 verse 20-26 and Chapter 7 verse 1-10)
(Sefer Hamidos, Alman 1)

Cured Through Any Food and Drink

Every single herb and grass has a unique power to cure some specific illness. All this is only needed for a person that does not have strong faith in Hashem, is not Shomer Habris and other people are degraded in his eyes. However someone that has complete faith, is Shomer Habris and never degrades others does not need this. His healing is not dependent on specific herbs. He can be cured through any type of food and drink and does not have to wait until the specific herbs are attained.
(Sefer Hamidos, Emunah B 5)


Determination and Effort Counts Like Sacrifices

When people want to become righteous and enter the service of Hashem, they often have to go through a lot of confusion and tremendous opposition. Due to the great confusion and opposition they can not even settle their minds to see how they should act and move forward. Everything they want to do related to the service of Hashem, is hard for them to do properly. Know, that this in itself that they trying hard and determined to do an act of holiness or to purify themselves with some purification, even if they do not end up finishing it properly, the effort and determination by itself is the same concept as the offering of sacrifices.

When a person is trying to pray and they do not allow him. When they confound him with all types of confusion and he needs to put in great effort just trying to pray. In such cases, even if he did not merit to pray properly, the effort, determination and self sacrifice that he put into the prayer with all his energy, are in itself a concept of sacrifices.

This is the same with all other actions of Holiness and purification that a person does to purify himself. Even if he does not merit to purify himself as properly as he wished, the actual suffering and confusion that he had to undergo in his attempt to purify himself, although it did not work out, this in itself is the same concept as sacrifices.

Therefore a person must always try to do his part and place great effort into serving Hashem according to his abilities. Whatever a person can do, he should do. Even though it is very hard appearing to him that they are not allowing him to proceed and that he is being greatly distanced. Even if he is not able to properly perform any action of Holiness, still he must do whatever he can and Hashem should do what is fitting in his eyes.
(Sichos Haran 12)


All Movements, Thoughts and Actions Are Taken Into Account

All movements, thoughts and actions that are done for any act of Holiness are counted and recorded. There is no movement or thought whatsoever that is lost. When a person merits to break through all the obstacles and finishes an act of Holiness, then all the movements, thoughts and confusion that he had to deal with before he managed to pass and break through all the barriers, are then turned into very holy and high spiritual elements. When he was deliberating whether to perform this act of Holiness and the obstacles were surrounding him from all sides, all these obstacles, thoughts and movements are then recorded above for his benefit. Every single movement that he had to take before managing to perform the Holy act is taken into consideration. Fortunate is one who merits to jump over all the obstacles and manages to perform an act of Holiness.
(Sichos Haran 11)

Falling in Emunah Causes Keri

When a person falls from his faith in Hashem he comes to Keri, thoughts about women and thoughts of idolatry.
(Sefer Hamidos, Emunah 29)

Sins Cause Disbelief

The sins of a person bring into him disbelief and doubts in Hashem and the Tzadikim.
(Sefer Hamidos, Emunah 22)

Repentance Brings Love of Hashem

When a person first repents for his sins, he can then come to love Hashem.
(Sefer Hamidos, Ahava 4)

Hospitality Saves From Adultery

A city that does not offer hospitality to passerbys, will come to adultery. This adultery then brings death upon the city.
(Sefer Hamidos, Hachnassas Urchim 2)


Falsehood Leads to Adultery

Through falsehood a person can come to commit adultery and murder. He will also cause other innocent people to stumble in adultery and murder. He will even attempt to show how this is permissible from the Torah.
(Sefer Hamidos, Emes B 4)

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Lying Leads to Niuf

Through lying a person comes to Niuf, he also causes the wicked to be strengthened so they will not repent.
(Sefer Hamidos, Emes 35)

Lies Create Sinful Children

When a man and woman constantly lie, their children will oppose the true Tzadik and will also be Pogem Habris.
(Sefer Hamidos, Emes 27)

Truth Protects the Bris

When a person is careful about saying truth then he receives protection for his Shmiras Habris.
(Sefer Hamidos, Emes 24)

Holiness of Yisroel

Fortunate are we that Hashem was very good to us and and that we merited the Holiness of being Jewish.
(Sichos Haran 11)


Even the Wicked Are Filled With Remorse

Wicked people are also filled with thoughts of remorse and yet they do not even know what thoughts of repentance are. However this itself that they strengthen themselves in their wrong doing, is a direct result of their remorse. When thoughts of remorse enter their minds they strengthen themselves and try harder to do evil.

This can be compared to two men fighting. When one sees that he is being defeated by his companion, he gathers the remainder of his strength and starts fighting with all his might. Here too, when the evil sees a little good awakening it strengthens itself even more.

This is a big rule in serving Hashem. Every person according to their level and the amount of effort they are using to enter into the service of Hashem, according to this the evil inclination strengthens itself against them. One has to be wise about this and come up with plans how to wage war against the evil, each time it comes back and restrengthens itself. Fortunate is the one who merits to win this war.
(Sichos Haran 10) 

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Learn Through It Fast

When a person studies topics related to violence or disaster such as the laws of mourning, he should not dwell much in these places. He should not ponder and think too deeply into these sections of Torah, since thoughts of the mind are very powerful and influential. Therefore when a person reaches these sections of Torah, he should study and pass through them as quickly as possible.

[Editors note: Once we have seen that there are parts of Torah that can be studied very quickly, the same probably applies to the Laws of Ishus, Tznius, Nidah etc. for people that have not yet purified their minds and can not control their thoughts.]
(Sichos Haran 8) 


Talk to Hashem Like a Child

All Jews are called children of Hashem. It is therefore fitting for us to talk and express all our suffering in front of Him, like a child complaining in front of his Father.
(Sichos Haran 7)

Confusing Thoughts

When a person gets confounded by confusing thoughts, if he strengthens himself and tries to perform the best he can under the circumstances set by his mind, often Hashem will send him supportive thoughts afterwards.
(Sichos Haran 7)


Children of Hashem

Even if it appears to a person that according to his actions he is not considered a son of Hashem, he must still remember that Hashem called us his children regardless of how we act. Even if Hashem is now exiling you from being a son, let him do as he wishes but you have to do your part and still try to act like a son.
(Sichos Haran 7)


Empty Desires and Lust

Lusts of the physical world can be compared to rays of light. When they enter the home, sunrays appear like pillars due to the radiance of the sun. It appears that one can grab these pillars of light. Yet when they are grabbed and grasped, there is nothing in the hand. All the desires and lusts of this world are exactly like this.
(Sichos Haran 6)


An Empty Yetzer Hara

The Yetzer Hara is comparable to a man who runs amongst a crowd of people with his hand closed and no one knows what it contains. He deceives each person and asks him to guess what he is holding. To each person it appears that he is holding what he desires. Therefore everyone starts chasing after this man, since each person believes that his hand contains what he desires. In the end this man opens his hand and it is empty.

This is exactly how the Yetzer Hara deceives the entire world and gets everyone to chase after him. He deceives each person making him believe that his hand contains what he desires, each person according to his personal foolishness and lust. At the end the Yetzer Hara opens up his hand and it is completely empty since there is no one that can completely satisfy his lusts by following his Yetzer Hara.
(Sichos Haran 6)


Philosophy is Very Damaging

It is very damaging to learn any form of philosophy since it causes many questions and confusion. This then weaken a persons fear of punishment and in turn support his natural tendency to follow his desires and evil inclination. Therefore you will never find any person that became truly righteous and G-d fearing from studying books based on philosophy. Although these books do occasionally discus good traits etc., still their damage far outweighs any benefits they might have since they greatly confuse the mind of a person.
(Sichos Haran 5)


Fear of Punishment

A person should serves Hashem mainly from fear. Even Tzadikim mostly serve Hashem out of fear and those that constantly serve Hashem from love are few. Fear of punishment is the main element of fear. There is a higher level of fear called Fear of His Awesomeness, that is to fear Hashem due to His tremendous greatness and power. Since not everyone merits this, the main service of Hashem for most people has to be based on fear of being punished for doing wrong. Every person is born with evil and it is their natural tendency to be pulled after this evil, that is after the desires and lusts of the physical world. It is only because fear of punishment that a person breaks his lusts and desires and starts entering into the service of Hashem.
(Sichos Haran 5)


Teshuvah is High Even Above Torah

Even when one falls tremendously to wherever he falls, may the Merciful One save us, it is forbidden for him to give up on himself. Teshuvah is high, even above Torah. Therefore despair does not exist in this world. If a person merits all his sins we be transformed into merits. It is a rule, that from all falls and stumblings that exists in reality, one can easily return to Hashem since there is no boundaries to His greatness. One main thing that everything is dependent on is that a person should not give up from crying out to Hashem, begging and pleading to Him at all times.
(Sichos Haran 3)