Tikkun Klalis

With Hashems help we were able to send out Tikkun Klalis to all the people that requested them over the last couple months. The list was pilling up and B"H we sent out all the ones in US a couple of days ago.

Reply to "G"

Your email came back with a failed delivery status, here is the reply.....


First of all Hashem loves you and no matter where you are holding things can completely turn around for the good.
Here is what you should do...

1 - Try to say the Tikkun Haklali every day (this simply means to recite Tehilim chapter 16, 32, 41,42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 150

2 - If possible try to go to the Mikvah whenever you get a chance.

3 - Do Hisbodedute for an hour a day, this should probably be your main focus and it can be done anywhere under any conditions. All you have to do is talk to Hashem as if he was your friend, pretend that you have someone next to you and talk to him. You can talk to Hashem about anything, including any specific problems or situations that you might have.

4 - Try to read the books of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, reading his books causes great healing, even having his books in your room will bring in a spirit of holiness. Rebbe Nachman is the healer of all the later generations, the more of his advice and teachings you will follow the better your life will become.

5 - Try to always be happy to the best of your ability, do not look at the past and at your failings. Every person has some good, instead try searching for the good that you can do. Remember even the smallest act of holiness from you can be very great in the eyes of Hashem given the circumstances that you are under.