Alufim finish 3 day fast

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha do a three day fast which equals 40 fasts to cover the 37 fast needed for Tikun Nivul Peh from the Holy Ari.

On first day of the fast Alufim recite a third of Tehilim as well as the prayer of Rebbe Yishmoel Cohen Gadol and Rebbe Akivah.

On second day Alufim recite another third of Tehilim and do the Tikun of the 72 verses that line up with the 72 triplets of the name OB. This Tikun is brought down by the Holy Ramban as a direct tradition from the Holy Rebbe Nichunyah ben Hakanah.

On the third day Alufim recite the last third of Tehilim and do the Tikun of the Alef Bais as brought down in Lashon Chachamim.

Mincha time on the third day the Alufim gather to do Tikun Yom Kipor Katon for Erev Rosh Chodesh Nison and to cry out the thirteen attributes of mercy.


Alufim do Tikun Malkos

The Alufay Azus Dekedusha do the Tikun of Malkos, as Ttshuvas Hmishkal is one of the most effective form of Tikunim.


Alufim finish Tikun for Pgam Hmachshavah

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha do a 2 day fast finishing up the set of 87 fasts for Pgam Hmachshavah as brought down in Shar Roach Hakodesh, in the writings of the holy ARI.

27 + 27 + 27 + 1 + 1 + 1 +1 +1 +1 = 87

Alufim finish Tikunay Zohar

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha finished the Tikunay Zohar at Chatzot last night when we wake up to mourn over the destruction of the Bais Hamikdush and to do Hisbodedute.

"All the days that he lived the sign of the rainbow was not seen for he was the sign of the world, our Master Bar Yochi"

"Tzadik Yesod Halom who revealed the Medrash Hnelum who has the ability to free the world from sin, our Master Bar Yochi"

"His Torah is shields us, it lights up our eyes, he will defend us, our Master Bar Yochi"



Alufim recite the full Tehilim by the Kotel on Shabbot


Hillulah of the Chidah

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha go to Tzion Chidah Hakodosh and do many of the Tikunim brought down in his sefer Avodat Hakodesh.

Alufim Finish Sefer Hayashar


Hillulah of Rebbe Yehudah Hachasid

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha fast and sit in a body of freezing cold water for the amount of time that it takes to cook an egg as brought down in Sefer Chasidim as a big Tikun for Midat Yesod.


Zayin Adar - Hillulah of Moshe

Hillulah of Moshe Rabbanu is a Tanis Shel Rabbanan as brought down in Migilas Tanis

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha fast and make a Siyum on the Five Books of the Torah with the commentary of Rashi


Questions and Answers #6

Q I want to start being Shomer Habris what is the first step?

A The first thing you should do is the following. Circle around your room or apt. gather every object of impurity that you can find. This includes books magazines movies cds dvds..... Do not have mercy on any of these objects if you are attached to them or care about their monetary value. Next gather all these object wrap them in 3 garbage bags and cary them a number of blocks from your home. Find a garbage where you are sure that no one will open the bags. THen throw the bag in the garbage bin. As you are doing this say the following with your mouth. Hashem mighty king of the Universe I am fully aware that I am covered with sins of impurity, however now I am making a move to show that I am trying to cut myself off from my sins. What I am doing now is a very large sacrifice and it is extremely hard for me to do so. However I am forcing myself to do it. May this action count in front of you like a large sacrifice and in merit of this action you will help me fight my desires until I will eventually demolish them and become completely shomer Habris.

Q I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. It is clear now that the reason I don't stay "shomer habrit" is simple" I don't want to. So the root of the problem is that I simply don't want to. Although I am aware of the terrible consequences of spilling seed, I still just don't want to be pure. So what would you and Reb Nachman say to a guy like me who knows about the sexual demons that he's creating by spilling seed...but still does not want to stop with this sin. The bottom-line is: I don't want to.
A Fear is not enough to stop a person long term, for this is the hardest desire that a person has to beat. Logically you want to stop however your body desires and emotions all of which are controlled by your Klipot do not want to stop. What you must do is the following you have to begin weakening your desires. For now do this estimate how often you are Pogem. Then make a commitment that for the next month you will only sin half of the regular amount.

Q Some Rabbi told me to start wearing a red string

A Most of these red strings are fake.If this "Rabbi" has anything to do with berg and his Kabbalah center then he is irrelevent and should be ignored

Alufim finish Noam Halevavot