Rosh Chodesh Adar

Alufim do Tikun Rosh Chodesh as brought down by the Ben Ish Chi


Alufim in Tiverya

Alufim go to Tiveryah for Shabbat

Some of the Tikunim done...

Shay/310 Tevilos in Kineret
A number of immersions in Chami Teveryah
Recital of full Tehilim over Shabbat

During the hour of Mincha the Alufay Azus Dekedusha gather to say the Tikun Klali during the last fifteen minutes of Shovavim.

Alufim do Tikunim at the Kever of the Holy Tanaim

Rebbe Mair
Rebbe Yochanan ben Zacki
Rebbe Eliezer ben Hurkanes
Rebbe Yehoshua ben Chanania

Rav Ami and Rav Asi

The Shlah

amongst the Tikunim done was the 7 Hakafot with the name of 42 and the prayer Anah Becoach

Last week of Shovavim

Alufim do 2 reguler fasts, malkes, Tikun Yesod, go through Tehilim on Shabbot...

It was a lot of fun we can not wait until next year


About 2 day fast

Q On two day fasts, is there a break in the night where you can drink liquids, or not?

A No, the Tikun as brought down in Shar Ruach Hakodesh is to fast from Shikiah until Tzes Hacochavim two days later. A full 48 hours with no eating or drinking.


Alufim make Siyum of Seder Moed on Hillulah of Asher

nThis Shabbot was the Hillulah of Asher ben Yackov. The Alufay Azus Dkedusha make a siyum on Mishnah Seder Moed.

Rise up Asher ben Yackov on whom it says
מאשר שמנה לחמו
Same letters as Mishnah same letters as Neshmah

Alufim also finish Tehilim over Shabbot and do Tikun of Five Pages of Tikunay Zohar.
We are starting Seder Nashim any one who would like to can join us.


Shovavim still going strong

Alufay Azus Dkedusha do another two day fast as well as four sets of 39 Malkos to line up with the Daled Missos Bais Din. During the fast alufim gather to do Tikun Yesod of Ben Ish Chi and to Recite Tikun Klali along with Rebbe Nassons prayer.


Alufim Study Ohalos

Alufim finish studying Mishnah Ohalos which has Chi prakim (18 chapters).
This is very relevent to Shovavim as it is a huge tikun to study the Mishnayot of Tahraos during these weeks. Taharos lines up with Yesod and is a Tikun for it.


Questions and Answers #5

Q Can I use drugs to help me worsip G-D?

A One of the main points of Kabbalah is to reach states of Mochin Degadlus - expanded consciousness. When a person is in these states he can reach very high levels of devotion and performed very large Tikunim. These states can be reached through Kabbalistic meditations and prayers. However as long as a person has not rectified his previous actions the pathways of his mind are blocked off by Klipot, it is therefore very hard for him to reach these levels.

Drugs provide a lower and temporary spiritual experience and a person might be tempted to use them, especial if he has had uplifting experiences while on drugs in the past. This person might even rationalize that it helps him attain spiritual experiences and it strengthens his worship of G-D. However this is all a trap for a short term elevation. If a person has not yet purified himself and has not yet rectified his previous actions then most of his spiritual experiences stem from the Sitra Achra. This is especially true when he is using an impure substances such as drugs to attain mystical experiences. This is a hole that many have stumbled into. This was one of the main draws of Idolatry / Avoda Zara.

Drugs do serve the following purpose. .. Due to the fact that the average person is very far from having purified his mind, he is therefore very likely to pass his whole life without attaining any spiritual experiences. Most of the Kabbalah is descriptions of spiritual dimensions and states of consciousness that are impassable to describe to someone that has never experienced them before. A person might therefore come to not Heaven Forbid not believe in the Kabbalah or even if he does believe that these elements exists as a pure fact, since he has never personally experienced them, these teachings do not motivate him as they should. A person that has taken drugs has many times experienced mystical states of consciousness, he can therefore associate much better with these teachings. Many people were led to do tshuvah due to states they experienced while on psychedelic drugs and the fact that they started studying Kabbalah.

These mystical states produced by drugs are just low copies emanating from by the Sitra Acher. Therefore a person that has never taken drugs should definitely not begin doing so for it is very spiritually damaging. What ever motivation that he might get by using them is far out weighed by the damage that he is causing. A person who has already fallen into the use of drugs should stop this practice immediately. Any arguments that he may have for wanting to continue the use of the drugs are false and they are pulling him in the opposite direction. Even though he must now go through an extended period of time when he must serve G-D in a state of Mochin Dkatnus / constricted consciousness without experiencing glourious mystical revaluations he must do so. He must do so until he has purified himself and is able to achieve mystical experiences from their true source and without the use of drugs. However he should use his past mystical experiences as a drive and a motivation to plow forward since he knows that such states exist and can be achieved.

Q At night I see dreams in which I am given signs, should I follow them?

A Regarding dreams. Most dreams are irrelevant and come from the side of impurity and should be ignored. A dream might contain some truth as every lie must be built on truth. If a person starts following his dreams then they start playing around with him even more until they control him like a puppet. Sometimes however a person might receive a dream from the side of purity even though he does not have the merit. This is meant to serve as a wake up call, it is a sign that G-D wants him to do Teshuvah. The rule is if the dream helps you serve G-D then follow it if not then ignore it totally. Do not be afraid of it even if it does contain some truth, for this is is exactly what they are trying to do to you.

Q I was considering moving to Eretz Yisroel but now I feel that I am unworthy since I still smoke weed.

A Regarding that you are not worthy to move to Eretz Yisroel since you still indulge in weed and have seen signs from G-D that he has treated you coldly and that he therefore wants to reject you and he is no o longer interested in you. These are all an illusion they are simply an obstacle that must be broken, a test that must be past. G-D never rejects anyone he always wants you to keep on trying, even if you fall he only wants you to get back up and keep on trying. However the Klipot know that as long as you are living in the US they control you like a child, the second you move to Eretz Yisroel they will lose a large amount of control over you. They are also fully aware of the fact that if you move to Eretz Yisroel the chances of you getting your life together and becoming a holy person will increased many times. They are therefore tying to discourage you by convincing you that you are a wicked person and that you are unworthy as well as they make it seem as though G-D is pushing you away. THis is the oldest trick in the book Rebbe Nachman warns us about this many times.

Be strong ignore the opposition and do what you know is the true thing. You are still young and it much easier for you to make changes at this stage.

We are posting the answerers on the blog, for many people have these questions and want them answered but most do not come out and ask them.


Alufim gather to do Tikunim of Tu Bshvat

Everyone should try to do the Tikunim as brought down by the Ben Ish Chi.
Study all parts of Tanach - Zohar - Midrash that relate to the day.
Study some laws of Masser - Urlah....

Start working on the Esrog for upcoming Sukot

Names of Hashem

When a person says a prayer, reads a full pasuk, or is reading Zohar he should do the following
The name Ad--noy should be pronounced. The name YKVK should be said as Ad--noy and a person should meditate on the letters of the name YKVK in his minds eye. The name Ehekeh should not be pournced but one should meditate on the letters. By angel names if it is a common name such as Gavriel and Michael one may pronounced it. If it is not then you should just say the first three letters like Matat from his full name Matat--ron.

When a person is studying and wants to refer to the names he should use the following Amonoy, Shem Adnus, Shem Hvayah, Shem Ekeh.


Warriors of Holiness - אלופי עזות דקדושה

Hi and shalom to all
in the shma of the Ari after viduy, we can repent about bitul kiriat shema etc. this is repenting for putting a defect in the name of hashem and it puts the name in parenthesis. So I am not sure if we just look at the name and say shimcha hagadol zeh. (your great name this) or we are supposed to say adoki.
thank you all
and kol tov.
Warriors of Holiness -אלופי עזות דקדושה


Hillulah of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

Yud Daled Shvat is the Hillulah of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan.
His books have been the opening for many English speaking people who wished to begin studying Kabbalah. Many people were drawn closer to G-D due to his works. Everyone in the US is indebted to his efforts. Everyone should light a candle in honor of the Hillulah.

Rabbi Aryeh Moshe Eliyaho ben Shmuel and Feiga
Here is a flash clips that shows his verious books.
Everyone should get hold of them and study them.

Alufim go through all Tehilim over Shabbat

ואלה שמות בני ישראל הבאים מצרימה

Last letters are Tehilim.
It is a huge Tikun to go through Tehilim during the weeks of Shovavim.


Alufim do two day fast - go to Hillulah of Rashash

Alufim do a two day - 48 hr fast

After two days of wearing sack and ashes the Alufim climb up Har Hazasim to Tzion hRashash.

To the Hilulah of the Holy Kabbalist Hrav Shalom Sharabi on Yud Shvat


New Questions and Answers 4

Q Where does the word Alufim come from?

A It is one of the Seventy names of Yisroel. These are brought down by the Bal Haturim in Bhaloscha. These line up with the seventy names of G-D and the seventy names of Matat'.

Q I have a few questions concerning the fasts. First, does it involve not drinking water or other fluids?

A A fast is from both food and drinks.

Q Second, I thought that we need to do two 48 hour fasts so are those with liquids or not, and if not are they counted as 27 day each making a total of 59.

Sorry it was a typo it should say 3 - 48 hour fasts and 3 regular fastsOr 2 - 72 hour fasts and four regular fasts.

Q Third, is it possible to have a detailed plan for the tikun pa daled?

A The time is not yet right - for this to be placed on the web.

Q I've been confused about the Breslov concept of Hitbodedut. If Hashem already knows my money problems, fears and that I still have a problem with Pgam Habris...why do I need to verbalize it to Him? If the Almighty knows in advance my destiny and how my story will end, what is the point in talking to him privately?

The Creator knows way ahead of time what I'm going to think, say or do. So why do you say that the HIGHEST TIKKUN is Hitbodedut?

A This question not only relates to Hisbodedute but rather to any form of prayer or Mitzvot. The answer involves the mystery of an awakening from below. In order to have an awakening above one first has to cause an awakening from above.

The second aspect is that when a person does Hisbodedute he rises himself to a higher level. Once he is on a higher level then Hashem deals with him differently since he is now like a different person. What was decreed upon him before was as long he remained at his former level.

Hillulah of the Rashash

The Hillulah of the Rashash is on the fourth day of this this week Yud Shvat.

The Kever is on Har Hazasim, we recommend that everyone who can attend should be there. Everyone should at least make a Seudah in his honor and light a candle for his Hillulah.

The Hillulah of Rabbi Daniel Frish is on Yud Daled Shavat

Rebbe Nassan also mentions that the day before TueBshvat is a very auspicious time for visiting Kivrai Tzadikim

Alufim read the whole Tihilim over Shabbat

Tehilim was completed from cover to cover over Shabbat at one time with out stoping. This is a huge Tikun in general especialy during the weeks of Shovavim.


weekly report

I have taken upon my self to do the tikunim that are posted on the blog and I encourage others to do the same.

here is a report of the last week

Besides for one day completed chapter of LikutayMaharan every day

said the Tikun Haklalui every day of week so far

Hisbodedute did not manage yet since work full hours and limited on time ,plan on doing so tomarow with help of Hashem

Said eighty percent of Asher Yartzar with kavanah

Today did the fast for Shovavinm. After tikun klali today ,said the prayer for Tilkun bris. Last night said shma of Ari

Also started Navi, do 3 chapters per day, look up words in Metzudat Tzion
Read it in haftira chant. Looked up kavanoat and concentrate on them before start.