Zayin Adar - Hilulah of Moshe Rabeinu

Alufey Azus Dekedusha recite 5 pages in Tikunei Zohar at the kever of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.
Alufim also say Tikkun Klali with R' Nosons tefilah at the Rashbi.
Alufim go to kever of the Ari Hakadosh and do tikkun of Oz Yashir Moshe.

Yud Gimel Mechiltin Derachamim

Alufey Azus Dekedusha finish tikun of R' Daniel Frish of Yud Gimel Mechilin Derachamim.

Alufim also recite entire Sefer Tehillim over Shabbos.

70 Yells by Ido Haeitzoni

Alufay Azus Dkedusha go to kever Ido Haeitzoni and recite the Tikkun Hakali with Rebbe Nassons prayer, then do Tikkun Hayesod form the Ben Ish Chi and the Tikkun of Shivim Tziakos.


Yom Kipor Katon

Alufay Azus Dkedusha fast night and day and do Pidyon Pay Daled Tanasim wearing our new goat hair sacks as brought down in Kitvi Ari.

At night Alufim go to the Tzion of the Holy Rashbi and do the Tikkun of reading five pages of Zohar. Then Alufim do Tikkun Mem Ches - Berashis Tamun by Rebbe Elezar ben Rebbe Shimon and hisbodedus by Rebbe Yeva Saba, Rebbe Yitzchak Mchevray Hazohar and Rebbe Yochanan Hasandlar.


R' Yosef Chiyon

Alufim go to Kever of the holy Kabbalist R' Yosef Chiyon and do Tikkun of Oz Yashir.

Ido Haeitzoni

Alufey Azus Dekedusha go to Kever Ido Haeitzoni, head warrior of King David and recite the Tikkun Haklali


Rebbe Yehoshua ben Chananya

Alufim Azus Dkdusha imerse in mikvah of the Ari Hakadosh.

Alufim then recite the Tikkun Klali at the kever of R' Yehoshua ben Chananya.


Tu Beshvat

Alufim do the Tikkun for Tu Beshvat by learning the zohars associated with the diffrent fruit before eating them.

ARI's Mikvah

Alufim immerse in ARI's mikvah then do Tikkun Hayesod on the sixth day of the week which lines up with Yesod.