Someone sent us the following question on our form mail with out an e-mail address. We are posting the answer on the blog.

Question: Is being Pogem Habris any less worse when you are young and cannot get married; eg, in highschool or 17-18 years old? Is it almost expected for people to sin in this way at this age as long as it is stopped around the time he can get married?

Answer: There is never any excuse for any reason to be Pogem Habris and there are many people who are unmarried that are Shomer Habris.

Also new parable on Shmiras Habris added to site
Parable from Sefer Habris


Umon Umon Rosh Hashanah

Alufim go to the Kibutz of the the Holy Tzadik the Bal Hasadeh the Rebbe - Rosh Beni Yisroel
Rebbe Nachman of Breslov
At the Tzion Alufim make a siyum on Likutay Maharan
Also new on site:

Being Pogem Habris Causes Poverty - One of the main resons that a person has problems earning a living is because he was Pogem Habris.
Tikun Hayom – Tikkunim to do on a day that a person sees keri.


New on site

Tikkun of Shay Tivilos - Immersing 310 times in a mikvah is a very large tikkun for keri.

Reasons Not to Watch Movies - There are some people that do not comprehend the severity of watching movies, we are therefore posting reasons to refrain from doing so.


New Shadchan Service

Due to the lack of a Shadchan Service aimed at people with interest in Spirituality, Kabbalah and Breslov we instructed one of our members to begin such a service.

It is called the
Breslov Shadchan Service and is run for free to help people find their zivug.
Go to the site
http://www.breslov-shadchan.com and fill out the form. They will then try to match you up with someone from their database or pass your profile to a number of other Shadchanim who deal with people who fit the above description.

Hillulah of the Ben Ish Chi

Alufim gather to do Tikun Hayesod from the Holy Tzadik Harav Yosef Chaim the Ben Ish Chi.

On Thursday night Alufim go to Kever Shmuel Hanavi to the Tikkun of Harav Yosef Dayan.


Kever Dun

Alufim Azus Dkedusha go to the Kever of the Saba Kadisha Dun ben Yackov (Hillulah fell on Shabbat but the Tzadik is by his kever 3 days before and 3 after).

After this Alufim go up the mountain to Kever Shimshon ben Manoach.