6th day of the Week

Alufim go to back to the Kever of the Holy Ari on the Sixth day of the week that lines up with the sefirah of yesod and recite the Tikkun Haklali.

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Two Day Fast

Alufay Azus Dkedusha do a 48 hour fast. On the first day Alufim go to the kever of the Holy Ramak and recite the Tikkun haklali.

On the second day Alufim go to the kever of the Holy Tzadik Rebbe Shlomo Alkabetz and recite the Tikkun Klali.
Then Alufim go to Mikvah Hari and immerse 27 times parallel to the fasts.


First Day of 'Shovavim'

Alufim go to the kever of the holy Arizal and recite Tikkun Klali.


Hilllulah of Rebbe Nason

Alufim go to the Kever of Reb Yitzchak ben Reb Nason and recite the Tikkun Klali with Rebbe Nasons Prayer.