Attempt at humor

We got a comment stating that our web sites are too serious, so here is a joke...

There was once a person who passed away. As he stood in front of the heavenly tribunal he was approached by a fearsome angel. More frightening then the angel was the large whip he held in his hand.

"I have come to punish you for the sin of discussing monetary and business issues on the Holy day of Shabbot" said the angel.

Overcome with fear he managed to reply that he never used the term dollars when discussing money on Shabbos and instead used the phrase "Chala rolls". (ex: When someone asked him how much he paid for his car he would say 5,000 Chala rolls).

"In that case" replied the angel "the thing in my hand is not a whip, it is a piece of paper".


Gilgul Sheleg

Alufim do a 2 day fast. The first night Alufim go to Kever Shmuel Hanavi and do the Tikkun of Harav Yosef Dayan. During the day Alufim gather to do Tikkun Yesod of the Ben Ish Chi. Second day Alufim gather to do Kabalas Ol Malchus Shamiyim from Rebbe Aharon Ruteh.

Close to the end of the fast Alufay Azus Dkedusha do Gilgul Sheleg in the snow that came down in Yerushalim.


Erev Shabbos

Alufay Azus Dkedusha go to the tzion of the Emrai Emes of Ger who was known for being a big Shomer Habris, and recite the Tikkun Haklali.

Alufim also make a siyum on Chumash Rashi.


Week of Vayeshev

Alufim do 2 reg fasts and gather to do Tikkun Hayesod of the Ben Ish Chi

Alufay Azus Dkedusha immerse in the ARIs Mikvah and then recite Tikkun Haklali by the Kever of the ARI Hakadosh.

Week of Vayishlach

Alufim do a 2 day fast


Tikkun Pgam Hamachshava

ראשו כתם פז קווצותיו תלתלים שחורות כעורב שיר ה, יא
תשת לראשו עטרת פז תהלים כא, ד

Alufay Azus Dkedusha do a 2 day fast, finishing a set of Pay Zayin tanasim (87 fasts) which is a Tikkun for impure thoughts as brought down in Shar Ruach Hakodesh, Kitvi Ari.

On the secound night of the fast Alufim go to kever Shmuel Hanavi and do the tikkun of Harav Yosef Dayan.


Week of Chayai Sarah

Alufay Azus Dkedusha do a 2 day fast.


New Questions and Answers

Three new pages of Questions and Answers posted on site.


Hillulah of the Sabah

Alufim go to the Kever of Rebbe Yisroel Ber Oddeser Breslever
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Mumon
Alufim fast Monday and Thursday and prepare to do
battle against the Men of Sodom


New on Site

New article on Shmiras Habris was sent to us by Michoel Noach Gutmacher

If anyone would like to submit anything regarding Tikkunim or Shmiras Habris then E-mail it to us and if it is written properly we will B"H post it.


Hilulah of Shimon Hatzadik

Alufim pray Kabbalas Shabbos and Shachris in mearas Shimon Hatzadik


2 day fast

Alufay Azus Dkedusha finish a 2 day fast which is equivalent to zach tanasim according to the Ari Hakadosh.

Alufim also make a siyum on Mishnah Seder Nezikin.


Chol Hamoed

Alufim do tikkunim by many Tzadikim and immerse in the following mayanot. 2 by Shmuel Hanavi, Safsufa, Kineret and Ari Mikvah.

Alufim also do the Tikkun of 70 yells a number of times as brought down in Likutay Maharan.


Yom Kipor

Erev Yom Kipor the Alufay Azus Dkedusha gather to do Malkos.

Alufim spend entire Yom Kipor at Kotel, reciting Tehilim twice which adds up to KaPeR.
(150 +150 = 300 Atone)



Someone sent us the following question on our form mail with out an e-mail address. We are posting the answer on the blog.

Question: Is being Pogem Habris any less worse when you are young and cannot get married; eg, in highschool or 17-18 years old? Is it almost expected for people to sin in this way at this age as long as it is stopped around the time he can get married?

Answer: There is never any excuse for any reason to be Pogem Habris and there are many people who are unmarried that are Shomer Habris.

Also new parable on Shmiras Habris added to site
Parable from Sefer Habris


Umon Umon Rosh Hashanah

Alufim go to the Kibutz of the the Holy Tzadik the Bal Hasadeh the Rebbe - Rosh Beni Yisroel
Rebbe Nachman of Breslov
At the Tzion Alufim make a siyum on Likutay Maharan
Also new on site:

Being Pogem Habris Causes Poverty - One of the main resons that a person has problems earning a living is because he was Pogem Habris.
Tikun Hayom – Tikkunim to do on a day that a person sees keri.


New on site

Tikkun of Shay Tivilos - Immersing 310 times in a mikvah is a very large tikkun for keri.

Reasons Not to Watch Movies - There are some people that do not comprehend the severity of watching movies, we are therefore posting reasons to refrain from doing so.


New Shadchan Service

Due to the lack of a Shadchan Service aimed at people with interest in Spirituality, Kabbalah and Breslov we instructed one of our members to begin such a service.

It is called the
Breslov Shadchan Service and is run for free to help people find their zivug.
Go to the site
http://www.breslov-shadchan.com and fill out the form. They will then try to match you up with someone from their database or pass your profile to a number of other Shadchanim who deal with people who fit the above description.

Hillulah of the Ben Ish Chi

Alufim gather to do Tikun Hayesod from the Holy Tzadik Harav Yosef Chaim the Ben Ish Chi.

On Thursday night Alufim go to Kever Shmuel Hanavi to the Tikkun of Harav Yosef Dayan.


Kever Dun

Alufim Azus Dkedusha go to the Kever of the Saba Kadisha Dun ben Yackov (Hillulah fell on Shabbat but the Tzadik is by his kever 3 days before and 3 after).

After this Alufim go up the mountain to Kever Shimshon ben Manoach.


Hillulah of Rebbe Yehudah Fataya

On Zach Av the Hillulah of Rebbe Yehuda Fataya Alufim do his Tikkun.

Alufim also make Siyum on Shulchan Aruch Ohrach Chaim


Alufim declare fast

Alufim fast to help relive the sins of this generation. During the fast the Alufay Azus Dkedusha gather to do the Tikkun of Malkos.


Tikkun of Rebbe Yehuda Fataya

Alufim do Tikkun Yom Kipor as brought down in Sefer Minchas Yehuda


Rosh Chodesh Av

Alufim finish fast them make Seudas Rosh Chodesh to thank Hashem for canceling the abomination from our city.

Also new on site

The Guide to Using the Restroom - Some basic instructions and
Halachos that have to be followed

Kuntres Shmiras Hyesod - Has alot of advice on countroling the
eyes and the mind (PDF Hebrew)


Week of Matos

Alufim fast the second and fifth day of the week.

Alufim go to the Hillulah of the Tzadik of Shtepeneshet in Givatayim.

After fasting on Thursday the Alufay Azus Dkedusha go back to Kever Shmuel Hanavim and do "The Tikkun" , seven Hakafos around the holy Tzion to bring down wrath and dinim on the wicked Erev Rav who are still holding out in their rebellion against Hashem with their Mishkav Zachor parade.


New on Site

Audio Clips on Shmiras Habris Here are a number of clips sent to us by one of the Chavarim Yackov of Breslov

Questions and Comments Send us your questions or suggestions that you have for the Bris Kodesh site.

Tell a friend Doing Hafatzah is one of the biggest Tikunim that a person can do. The Holy Kabbalist Rebbe Chaim Vital, writes that if a person would know the Tikkun he receives for getting other people to do Teshuva he would go drag them by their clothing.

Receive a free copy of our Pamphlet "You Shall Be Holy" which includes the Tikkun Haklali with an English translation.

Rebbe Nassons Prayer for Tikkun Haklali - A prayer from Rebbe Nachmans main disciple to recite after saying the Tikkun Haklali.


Hillulah of the Ohr Hachaim Hakadosh

Alufim do a full fast night / day.

During day the Alufay Azus Dkedusha gather to do Tikkun Malkos
and Tikkun Daled Misos Bais Din.

After the fast Alufim go to Har Hazasim to the kever of the
Ohr Hachaim Hakodosh


Hillulah of Rav Yosef Dayon

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha go to the Kever of the Holy Kabbalist Hrav Yosef Dayan who was known to be one of the 36 hidden tzadikim. The Mekubalim testified on him, that he was never pogem his attribute of Yesod even in the slightest way and that he never saw keri in his life.

Alufim do the main Tikun from his book "Sefer Hatikunim"


Third round by Shmuel Hanavi

Alufim do 'The Tikun' another time at Kever Shmuel Hanavi, to bring immediate punishment upon the Erev Rav who are planning to desecrate Yerushalim.


Week of Chukas

Alufim do Tikun of Rebbe Yehudah Fataya - Fasting night and day - seven immersions - sack - ashes - sleeping on floor with rock pillow - and then walking barefoot Daled Amos and doing the Pidyon.

Alufim do 'The Tikkun' by Shimon Hatzadik who thwarted the plan of the wicked Kutim (Karites) Y"S. May this Tikkun ruin the plans of the Erev Rav that are trying to defile our city.

Alufim do Hafatzah on the new Shmiras Habris/Tikkun Klali pamphlet in the main American yishivos (brisk, mir....)


Second Round by Shmuel Hanavi

Alufim go back to Kever Shmuel Hanavi Thursday night after chatzot to once again do the Tikkun. Seven hakafos around the holy Tzion to destroy the plans of the Erev Rav that are trying to contaminate our city with their Mishkav Zachor parade.

Alufim Release New Web Site

The site for Shmiras Habris
Still far from complete - still using a lot of the same info as kabbalah site - we will be focusing on this site from now on as it is a more gentle approach - any new writings and additions will be posted on blog as well.


Alufim release the new Tikkun Haklali

Alufim release our new pamphlet on Shmiras Habris "You Shall Be Holy"The pamphlet also contains the Tikkun Haklali from Rebbe Nachman with an English translation.The pamphlet can also be downloaded over the web (left click to view, right click and save target to download)

The Power of Hafatzah
Last week I happened to be staying by someone's house. In his bedroom I noticed our Tikkun Habris sheets hanging on his wall. They were from the original first batch the copies we were distributing in New york a number of years back. The Sheets were had gained a yellowish tint from age. It turns out some of the sheets had made it to Eretz Yisroel. When this person read the sheets he made a commitment to become Shomer Habris. He then hung the sheets right across from his bed. He told me that the sheet prevented him from sinning numerous times.


Tikun by Shmuel Hanavi

Alufim do tikun of Rabbi Yosef Dayan by Kever Shmuel Hanavi to bring destruction upon the Erev Rav who are trying to desecrate our Holy City of Yerushalaim


Alufim in Tzfat

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha do the Tikkun for Yishuv Hadas. Immersing 7 times in Ari Mikvah, then lighting candles and reciting the entire Tehilim at the Kever of the Ari Hakadosh.


Alufim Declare War on the Men of Sidom

The Alufay Azus Dekedush warn the despicable siners of Mishkov Zachor
For now everyone can e-mail the Erev Rav mayor of Yerushalim and tell him how severe his punishment will be if he does not do everything in his power to try and prevent this perverted event from occurring.

Tikkun of Rebbe Yehuda Ftaya

Alufay Azus Dkedusha do Tikun Yom Kipor with sack ashes full day fast and seven immersions in the Mikva


New on Site

You Shall Guard My Covenant - A guide to raising children who will be Shomer Habris. Has a lot of Haskamot. (PDF Hebrew)

Ginzay Hamelech - From the Holy Kabbalist Rebbe Yackov Abuchtzerah, grandfather of the Baba Sali. About Shmiras Habris. 70 chapters line up with the 70 Tikkunim from the Zohar.

First Four Chapters of Tehilim - A segula to say before going to sleep to be saved from Keri. Has Shem Havaya with nikud of Bris.

Pesukim for Tikkun Habris - 10 Pesukim to recite.

Pesukim from Ramban for Protection - The 10 Pesukim lineup with the ten Sefirot and the four letters of the Shem Havayah

Tikun Mem Ches - From Tikkunay Zohar a known Segulah for Keri and for Tikkun Habris.


Hakofos by Rabbanue HaChida

Alufay Azus Dkedusha do a two day fast. At Chatzot of the secound night Alufim go to Tzion HaChida and do the Tikun of Rabbi Yosef Dayan.


Fighter Against the Erev Rav

Alufim salute Rabbi Sholom Yehuda Gross, the head of the Rabbinical Court of Holmin for his ongoing battle against the Erev Rav.

Here are some of his e-books on Tikkun Habris

To see more of his work visit


Even Yeshivish People have to go to the Mikvah

One has to be a total fool to ignore what all the Tzadikim and kabalists wrote about going to the Mikva. However some people are a little narrow minded so they should read this

Hillulah of David Hamelech

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha recite Tikkun Lail Shevuos by the Tzion of Dovid ben Yishi then immerse in the Shiloach before Shacharis.

During the day Alufim go to recite the Tikkun Klali by the Tzion of the Emrai Emes by his Hillulah then go back to Kever Dovid and recite entire Tehilim.


Hillulah of Rabbanue Ovadiah

Alufay Azus Dkedusha go to the kever of the
RAV Rabbanue Ovadiah Bartenurah

New on site:
Kavanot for Amen Yehe Shmeh Rabbah - Greatly weakens the Klipah of Amalek which is the cause of Tumat Keri also helps rectify past sins.

Pasuk for safety - A pasuk to say when walking out the door. This will help keep a person physically safe on his trip as well as help him be Shomer Anayim (Guard his eyes from improper things). Also includes story behind it (Hebrew).

Introduction to the Tikkun Haklali - (Hebrew PDF 5MB) Also has a number of tips on how to guard the mind from impure thoughts


Shabbot Bamidor

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha camp out by the Kever of the
Roeh Shmuel ben Elkanah Halavi
As the Holy ARI brings down that his Hilulah is realy for 2 days


Hillulah of Samuel Hanavi

Alufay Azus Dkedusha go to Kever Shmuel Hanavi.
First immersing in Mayan Beni Hanevim.

At the Hillulah they were handing out a pamphlet "The final Redemption will come only because of Tikun Yesod" based on writings of Rebbe Ahran Roteh.
Hebrew here is the pamphlet as PDF 10 MB [left click to view, right click and save target to download to computer.]


Yesod ShbYesod

Alufim finish 2 day fast, Tikun Yesod, Prayer of Rebbe Ahron Ruteh on Yesod then go to Kevri Admori Gur and recite Tikkun Klali with prayer of Rebbe Nason.


Lag Baomer

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha go to Meron to the Hillulah of the

The Holy Tanah, the Tzadik Yesod Olam, the G-dly kabbalist, the Author of the Zohar
Our Master Rebbe Shimon bar Yochi


Yesod SbNetzach

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha finish a 2 day fast. Grind up a block of ice and do Kitzur Gilgul Sheleg as brought down by the Ben Ish Chi.


Alufim finish Kesuvim

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha finish Kesuvim which emanates from the Sefirah of Yesod



Alufim recite entire Tehilim


Yesod ShbTiferes

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha finish a two day fast and gather to recite the Tikun Haklali with prayer of Rebbe Nason and also do Tikkun Hayisod.


Yesod ShbGevurah

Alufim gather to recite the Tikkun Klali along with Rebbe Nassons prayer.

Alufim also do Tikun Hayesod as well as Tikun Malkos



Erev Pesach - Alufim delve into the mystery of the "Finger of Elokim" as brought down by the Holy Kabalist Rabbi Shimshon from Ostropoli.

Pesach night - Alufim make group seder in Yerushalim according to the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Chol Hamoed - Alufim gather at Kotel doing a Tanis Debor and reciting the entire Tehilim three times in a row.

Seventh day of Pesach - Alufim arise at dawn to meditate on the name of 72 and recite the Song of the Sea.


Burning of Chametz

Every person who fears G-D, who wishes to save himself from destruction in this world and the next, who wishes to have any chance to be Shomer Habris, should gather all the impure movies, books and magazines in his home and burn them. Clean your house from the zuhamah of the primeval serpent for this is the worst Chametz.


Kabbalah writing updated

we have added Part 2- building protection and a section of Part 3 to this writting
How can I start being Shomer Habris ?


Alufim do Tikun of Rabbi Yehudah Fatayah

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha do the Tikun of Yom Kipor as brought down in Sefer MInchas Yehudah

Also new Kabbalah Writing
The Tikunim of the ARI


New Tips for Shmiras Habris

These have been added to this writing - if you have not read the first part yet, then read it first

16 - The first 40 Days

The arch step of creation is completed in 40 days and this manifests many times in scientific reality. When a person wishes to distance himself from a bad habit the first forty days will always be the hardest, it is during this time that he paves a path. When a person wishes to become Shomer Habris then his hardest struggle will be during the first 40 days as he plows his path through the spirits of impurity. After the first 40 days a person has passed a large milestone and although he is far from safe, the overall test has just become easier. This does not mean that he will not be tested periodically from time to time, it means that he has made a nice separation between himself and the sin and now he can start gathering strength to fight the bigger tests when they come.

17 - You are not safe yet

Even if a person has gone for a long period of time being Shomer Habris he should not consider himself safe. He should not start letting down his guard and crossing the boundaries that he has established for himself. They are just waiting for him to do that so they may once again try to catch him in their trap. A person must be very weary of the Evil One and his techniques. Even if a person feels very pure and that he will not be effected by letting down his guard he should be aware that this is all a trap. He must continue fighting and doing Tikunim. Even a person who has been Shomer Habris for years if he starts being loose with his boundaries, he might be set up on a test that might be hard for him to pass.



Alufim finish 3 day fast

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha do a three day fast which equals 40 fasts to cover the 37 fast needed for Tikun Nivul Peh from the Holy Ari.

On first day of the fast Alufim recite a third of Tehilim as well as the prayer of Rebbe Yishmoel Cohen Gadol and Rebbe Akivah.

On second day Alufim recite another third of Tehilim and do the Tikun of the 72 verses that line up with the 72 triplets of the name OB. This Tikun is brought down by the Holy Ramban as a direct tradition from the Holy Rebbe Nichunyah ben Hakanah.

On the third day Alufim recite the last third of Tehilim and do the Tikun of the Alef Bais as brought down in Lashon Chachamim.

Mincha time on the third day the Alufim gather to do Tikun Yom Kipor Katon for Erev Rosh Chodesh Nison and to cry out the thirteen attributes of mercy.


Alufim do Tikun Malkos

The Alufay Azus Dekedusha do the Tikun of Malkos, as Ttshuvas Hmishkal is one of the most effective form of Tikunim.


Alufim finish Tikun for Pgam Hmachshavah

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha do a 2 day fast finishing up the set of 87 fasts for Pgam Hmachshavah as brought down in Shar Roach Hakodesh, in the writings of the holy ARI.

27 + 27 + 27 + 1 + 1 + 1 +1 +1 +1 = 87

Alufim finish Tikunay Zohar

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha finished the Tikunay Zohar at Chatzot last night when we wake up to mourn over the destruction of the Bais Hamikdush and to do Hisbodedute.

"All the days that he lived the sign of the rainbow was not seen for he was the sign of the world, our Master Bar Yochi"

"Tzadik Yesod Halom who revealed the Medrash Hnelum who has the ability to free the world from sin, our Master Bar Yochi"

"His Torah is shields us, it lights up our eyes, he will defend us, our Master Bar Yochi"



Alufim recite the full Tehilim by the Kotel on Shabbot


Hillulah of the Chidah

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha go to Tzion Chidah Hakodosh and do many of the Tikunim brought down in his sefer Avodat Hakodesh.

Alufim Finish Sefer Hayashar


Hillulah of Rebbe Yehudah Hachasid

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha fast and sit in a body of freezing cold water for the amount of time that it takes to cook an egg as brought down in Sefer Chasidim as a big Tikun for Midat Yesod.


Zayin Adar - Hillulah of Moshe

Hillulah of Moshe Rabbanu is a Tanis Shel Rabbanan as brought down in Migilas Tanis

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha fast and make a Siyum on the Five Books of the Torah with the commentary of Rashi


Questions and Answers #6

Q I want to start being Shomer Habris what is the first step?

A The first thing you should do is the following. Circle around your room or apt. gather every object of impurity that you can find. This includes books magazines movies cds dvds..... Do not have mercy on any of these objects if you are attached to them or care about their monetary value. Next gather all these object wrap them in 3 garbage bags and cary them a number of blocks from your home. Find a garbage where you are sure that no one will open the bags. THen throw the bag in the garbage bin. As you are doing this say the following with your mouth. Hashem mighty king of the Universe I am fully aware that I am covered with sins of impurity, however now I am making a move to show that I am trying to cut myself off from my sins. What I am doing now is a very large sacrifice and it is extremely hard for me to do so. However I am forcing myself to do it. May this action count in front of you like a large sacrifice and in merit of this action you will help me fight my desires until I will eventually demolish them and become completely shomer Habris.

Q I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. It is clear now that the reason I don't stay "shomer habrit" is simple" I don't want to. So the root of the problem is that I simply don't want to. Although I am aware of the terrible consequences of spilling seed, I still just don't want to be pure. So what would you and Reb Nachman say to a guy like me who knows about the sexual demons that he's creating by spilling seed...but still does not want to stop with this sin. The bottom-line is: I don't want to.
A Fear is not enough to stop a person long term, for this is the hardest desire that a person has to beat. Logically you want to stop however your body desires and emotions all of which are controlled by your Klipot do not want to stop. What you must do is the following you have to begin weakening your desires. For now do this estimate how often you are Pogem. Then make a commitment that for the next month you will only sin half of the regular amount.

Q Some Rabbi told me to start wearing a red string

A Most of these red strings are fake.If this "Rabbi" has anything to do with berg and his Kabbalah center then he is irrelevent and should be ignored

Alufim finish Noam Halevavot


Rosh Chodesh Adar

Alufim do Tikun Rosh Chodesh as brought down by the Ben Ish Chi


Alufim in Tiverya

Alufim go to Tiveryah for Shabbat

Some of the Tikunim done...

Shay/310 Tevilos in Kineret
A number of immersions in Chami Teveryah
Recital of full Tehilim over Shabbat

During the hour of Mincha the Alufay Azus Dekedusha gather to say the Tikun Klali during the last fifteen minutes of Shovavim.

Alufim do Tikunim at the Kever of the Holy Tanaim

Rebbe Mair
Rebbe Yochanan ben Zacki
Rebbe Eliezer ben Hurkanes
Rebbe Yehoshua ben Chanania

Rav Ami and Rav Asi

The Shlah

amongst the Tikunim done was the 7 Hakafot with the name of 42 and the prayer Anah Becoach

Last week of Shovavim

Alufim do 2 reguler fasts, malkes, Tikun Yesod, go through Tehilim on Shabbot...

It was a lot of fun we can not wait until next year


About 2 day fast

Q On two day fasts, is there a break in the night where you can drink liquids, or not?

A No, the Tikun as brought down in Shar Ruach Hakodesh is to fast from Shikiah until Tzes Hacochavim two days later. A full 48 hours with no eating or drinking.


Alufim make Siyum of Seder Moed on Hillulah of Asher

nThis Shabbot was the Hillulah of Asher ben Yackov. The Alufay Azus Dkedusha make a siyum on Mishnah Seder Moed.

Rise up Asher ben Yackov on whom it says
מאשר שמנה לחמו
Same letters as Mishnah same letters as Neshmah

Alufim also finish Tehilim over Shabbot and do Tikun of Five Pages of Tikunay Zohar.
We are starting Seder Nashim any one who would like to can join us.


Shovavim still going strong

Alufay Azus Dkedusha do another two day fast as well as four sets of 39 Malkos to line up with the Daled Missos Bais Din. During the fast alufim gather to do Tikun Yesod of Ben Ish Chi and to Recite Tikun Klali along with Rebbe Nassons prayer.


Alufim Study Ohalos

Alufim finish studying Mishnah Ohalos which has Chi prakim (18 chapters).
This is very relevent to Shovavim as it is a huge tikun to study the Mishnayot of Tahraos during these weeks. Taharos lines up with Yesod and is a Tikun for it.


Questions and Answers #5

Q Can I use drugs to help me worsip G-D?

A One of the main points of Kabbalah is to reach states of Mochin Degadlus - expanded consciousness. When a person is in these states he can reach very high levels of devotion and performed very large Tikunim. These states can be reached through Kabbalistic meditations and prayers. However as long as a person has not rectified his previous actions the pathways of his mind are blocked off by Klipot, it is therefore very hard for him to reach these levels.

Drugs provide a lower and temporary spiritual experience and a person might be tempted to use them, especial if he has had uplifting experiences while on drugs in the past. This person might even rationalize that it helps him attain spiritual experiences and it strengthens his worship of G-D. However this is all a trap for a short term elevation. If a person has not yet purified himself and has not yet rectified his previous actions then most of his spiritual experiences stem from the Sitra Achra. This is especially true when he is using an impure substances such as drugs to attain mystical experiences. This is a hole that many have stumbled into. This was one of the main draws of Idolatry / Avoda Zara.

Drugs do serve the following purpose. .. Due to the fact that the average person is very far from having purified his mind, he is therefore very likely to pass his whole life without attaining any spiritual experiences. Most of the Kabbalah is descriptions of spiritual dimensions and states of consciousness that are impassable to describe to someone that has never experienced them before. A person might therefore come to not Heaven Forbid not believe in the Kabbalah or even if he does believe that these elements exists as a pure fact, since he has never personally experienced them, these teachings do not motivate him as they should. A person that has taken drugs has many times experienced mystical states of consciousness, he can therefore associate much better with these teachings. Many people were led to do tshuvah due to states they experienced while on psychedelic drugs and the fact that they started studying Kabbalah.

These mystical states produced by drugs are just low copies emanating from by the Sitra Acher. Therefore a person that has never taken drugs should definitely not begin doing so for it is very spiritually damaging. What ever motivation that he might get by using them is far out weighed by the damage that he is causing. A person who has already fallen into the use of drugs should stop this practice immediately. Any arguments that he may have for wanting to continue the use of the drugs are false and they are pulling him in the opposite direction. Even though he must now go through an extended period of time when he must serve G-D in a state of Mochin Dkatnus / constricted consciousness without experiencing glourious mystical revaluations he must do so. He must do so until he has purified himself and is able to achieve mystical experiences from their true source and without the use of drugs. However he should use his past mystical experiences as a drive and a motivation to plow forward since he knows that such states exist and can be achieved.

Q At night I see dreams in which I am given signs, should I follow them?

A Regarding dreams. Most dreams are irrelevant and come from the side of impurity and should be ignored. A dream might contain some truth as every lie must be built on truth. If a person starts following his dreams then they start playing around with him even more until they control him like a puppet. Sometimes however a person might receive a dream from the side of purity even though he does not have the merit. This is meant to serve as a wake up call, it is a sign that G-D wants him to do Teshuvah. The rule is if the dream helps you serve G-D then follow it if not then ignore it totally. Do not be afraid of it even if it does contain some truth, for this is is exactly what they are trying to do to you.

Q I was considering moving to Eretz Yisroel but now I feel that I am unworthy since I still smoke weed.

A Regarding that you are not worthy to move to Eretz Yisroel since you still indulge in weed and have seen signs from G-D that he has treated you coldly and that he therefore wants to reject you and he is no o longer interested in you. These are all an illusion they are simply an obstacle that must be broken, a test that must be past. G-D never rejects anyone he always wants you to keep on trying, even if you fall he only wants you to get back up and keep on trying. However the Klipot know that as long as you are living in the US they control you like a child, the second you move to Eretz Yisroel they will lose a large amount of control over you. They are also fully aware of the fact that if you move to Eretz Yisroel the chances of you getting your life together and becoming a holy person will increased many times. They are therefore tying to discourage you by convincing you that you are a wicked person and that you are unworthy as well as they make it seem as though G-D is pushing you away. THis is the oldest trick in the book Rebbe Nachman warns us about this many times.

Be strong ignore the opposition and do what you know is the true thing. You are still young and it much easier for you to make changes at this stage.

We are posting the answerers on the blog, for many people have these questions and want them answered but most do not come out and ask them.


Alufim gather to do Tikunim of Tu Bshvat

Everyone should try to do the Tikunim as brought down by the Ben Ish Chi.
Study all parts of Tanach - Zohar - Midrash that relate to the day.
Study some laws of Masser - Urlah....

Start working on the Esrog for upcoming Sukot

Names of Hashem

When a person says a prayer, reads a full pasuk, or is reading Zohar he should do the following
The name Ad--noy should be pronounced. The name YKVK should be said as Ad--noy and a person should meditate on the letters of the name YKVK in his minds eye. The name Ehekeh should not be pournced but one should meditate on the letters. By angel names if it is a common name such as Gavriel and Michael one may pronounced it. If it is not then you should just say the first three letters like Matat from his full name Matat--ron.

When a person is studying and wants to refer to the names he should use the following Amonoy, Shem Adnus, Shem Hvayah, Shem Ekeh.


Warriors of Holiness - אלופי עזות דקדושה

Hi and shalom to all
in the shma of the Ari after viduy, we can repent about bitul kiriat shema etc. this is repenting for putting a defect in the name of hashem and it puts the name in parenthesis. So I am not sure if we just look at the name and say shimcha hagadol zeh. (your great name this) or we are supposed to say adoki.
thank you all
and kol tov.
Warriors of Holiness -אלופי עזות דקדושה


Hillulah of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

Yud Daled Shvat is the Hillulah of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan.
His books have been the opening for many English speaking people who wished to begin studying Kabbalah. Many people were drawn closer to G-D due to his works. Everyone in the US is indebted to his efforts. Everyone should light a candle in honor of the Hillulah.

Rabbi Aryeh Moshe Eliyaho ben Shmuel and Feiga
Here is a flash clips that shows his verious books.
Everyone should get hold of them and study them.

Alufim go through all Tehilim over Shabbat

ואלה שמות בני ישראל הבאים מצרימה

Last letters are Tehilim.
It is a huge Tikun to go through Tehilim during the weeks of Shovavim.


Alufim do two day fast - go to Hillulah of Rashash

Alufim do a two day - 48 hr fast

After two days of wearing sack and ashes the Alufim climb up Har Hazasim to Tzion hRashash.

To the Hilulah of the Holy Kabbalist Hrav Shalom Sharabi on Yud Shvat


New Questions and Answers 4

Q Where does the word Alufim come from?

A It is one of the Seventy names of Yisroel. These are brought down by the Bal Haturim in Bhaloscha. These line up with the seventy names of G-D and the seventy names of Matat'.

Q I have a few questions concerning the fasts. First, does it involve not drinking water or other fluids?

A A fast is from both food and drinks.

Q Second, I thought that we need to do two 48 hour fasts so are those with liquids or not, and if not are they counted as 27 day each making a total of 59.

Sorry it was a typo it should say 3 - 48 hour fasts and 3 regular fastsOr 2 - 72 hour fasts and four regular fasts.

Q Third, is it possible to have a detailed plan for the tikun pa daled?

A The time is not yet right - for this to be placed on the web.

Q I've been confused about the Breslov concept of Hitbodedut. If Hashem already knows my money problems, fears and that I still have a problem with Pgam Habris...why do I need to verbalize it to Him? If the Almighty knows in advance my destiny and how my story will end, what is the point in talking to him privately?

The Creator knows way ahead of time what I'm going to think, say or do. So why do you say that the HIGHEST TIKKUN is Hitbodedut?

A This question not only relates to Hisbodedute but rather to any form of prayer or Mitzvot. The answer involves the mystery of an awakening from below. In order to have an awakening above one first has to cause an awakening from above.

The second aspect is that when a person does Hisbodedute he rises himself to a higher level. Once he is on a higher level then Hashem deals with him differently since he is now like a different person. What was decreed upon him before was as long he remained at his former level.

Hillulah of the Rashash

The Hillulah of the Rashash is on the fourth day of this this week Yud Shvat.

The Kever is on Har Hazasim, we recommend that everyone who can attend should be there. Everyone should at least make a Seudah in his honor and light a candle for his Hillulah.

The Hillulah of Rabbi Daniel Frish is on Yud Daled Shavat

Rebbe Nassan also mentions that the day before TueBshvat is a very auspicious time for visiting Kivrai Tzadikim

Alufim read the whole Tihilim over Shabbat

Tehilim was completed from cover to cover over Shabbat at one time with out stoping. This is a huge Tikun in general especialy during the weeks of Shovavim.


weekly report

I have taken upon my self to do the tikunim that are posted on the blog and I encourage others to do the same.

here is a report of the last week

Besides for one day completed chapter of LikutayMaharan every day

said the Tikun Haklalui every day of week so far

Hisbodedute did not manage yet since work full hours and limited on time ,plan on doing so tomarow with help of Hashem

Said eighty percent of Asher Yartzar with kavanah

Today did the fast for Shovavinm. After tikun klali today ,said the prayer for Tilkun bris. Last night said shma of Ari

Also started Navi, do 3 chapters per day, look up words in Metzudat Tzion
Read it in haftira chant. Looked up kavanoat and concentrate on them before start.


Questions about Pay Daled Tanasim

Q Does an 84 day fast have to be done on 84 available consecutive days?

A In general it is better to do Tikunim consecutive so the Klipot have no chance to recover. In Kitvay Ari it rarely mentions the word consecutive. However by the Tikun of Pay Daled tanasim he says that it should be done consecutive.

Doing the fasts consecutively is much harder and many of the latter Kabbalists agree that it is not necessary to do them consecutively in later generations. If someone does do it consecutively it will surely be even more effective.

There are also shortcuts, the Ari writes that a 2 day fasts counts as 27 fasts and a 3day as 40. The only thing is these can not be broken up for different Tikunim and must be used for the same Tikun.

The Chida brings down how to do the 84 fasts consecutively during SHOVAVIM and many Kabbalists do so. You use Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh to break up the fasts since they are not counted as breaks.

Q Should regular fast days (Taanit Esther, Asarat Btevet ETC) be counted as part of the 84 fasts?

A No regular fast should not be counted as part of the number.

Q If someone forgets to accept the fast during the Amidah of Minchah on the day before, can he verbally accept that the next day should be a fast day for him in any language?

A One can accept the fast in any language. If he forgets to do so during Mincha he may accept the fast until sunset.

Q Can one accept on himself a fastday for Sunday on Shabat - Meaning can he declare on Shabat that Sunday will be a fast day for him?

A If a person wishes to fast on sunday he may accept the fast during Shabbat afternoon.


Praise Hashem for his miracle

On shabbat I was walking back from the Kotel after eating with Shmulik and the Na Naches. I walked past the pub on the end of Yafo, some drunk guy started up with me. I was not afraid of him at all but when he picked up a glass bear bottle over his head, I realized that I was in trouble. I started running, he threw it at me with all his might. The bottle whizzed by me missing me by an inch splattered to pieces. Before I had a chance to recover anther bottle came flying at me. The second bottle also missed me by an inch.

Both bottles shattered into hundreds of pieces and I was not hit by a single piece.
I therefore praise Hashem and his greatness for saving me on Shabbot night.

Erev Rosh Chodesh Shvat, Alufim do Tikun of Malkos

Erev Rosh Chodesh always a good time to do Tikunim especially during Shovavim. The Alufay Azus Dekdusha did Tikun Malkus - 4 sets of 39 Malkes to rectify any Damage to the four letters of the Shemot Hvayah, Adnos and Ekeh and the manifestations in the four alomot Asiyah, Yitzirah, Briyah and Atzilut.

After this the Alufim did Tikun Nidoy where one undoes the damage if he placed in excommunication (Nidoy) by Heaven

Week of Parshat Bo - Discussion Board

Discussion Board - here members of the Blog can leave comments and communicate with each other.


Commitments of Alufim meeting

The Alufim hold weekly meeting Motzai Shabbot Vayra.

This is the list of commitments that we recommend people to do this week.

1 - To study every day a section from Likutay Maharan.

2 - To recite the Tikun Klali ever day this week as a tikun for Shovavim.

3 - To say at least one time this week the prayer from Likutay Tifilos that is brought down after Tikun Klali.

4 - To do Hisbodedute for a half an Hour at least one time this week.

5 - To fast Thursday as a Tikun for Midat Yesod. (fast should be accepted Mincha Wednesday).

6 - Wednesday night, the night before the fast say the Krias Shma of the ARI before going to sleep.

7 - To print or e-mail one writing of Tikun Habris to at least two people.

8 - Every time one recites the Blessing of Asher Yatzar after going to the bathroom he should meditate on the simple meanings of the words.

Alufim get together to do Tikun Yesod

The Alufay Azus Dkedusha gathered to do the Ben Ish Chai's Tikun Yesod. The Tikun was done on the Sixth day of the week which lines up with the Sefirah Yesod. As Rabbi Yosef Chaim, the Ben Ish Chai writes that this Tikun should be done every Thursday day night during the weeks of Shovavim.

New Questions and Answers 2

Q If while walking in the street your eyes grasp an impure image what should you do?

A The first thing is to immediately shoot your eyes and have them gaze on any other object. If you have not yet purified yourself or are in a state of low energy and find it hard to pull your eyes away, then gaze at an object alongside the image or the tip of your nose. This is very easy since your Yeter Hara does not feel like you are running away from it. Once you have done this you have greatly weakened the temptation and then you easily regain full control. This whole process takes around a second, however every split second counts. After you have done this immediately start medditing on the Divine names associated with Shmiras Habris and demolish the Klipot.

Q A few months ago I wrote to you concerning the concept of shiviti and how to do it and you responded to me by looking in the begining of the shulchan aruch, i did so and thank you. However in the book Rabbi Nachman's Wisdom it is mentioned that Rabinu practiced it when he was six years old but that he could not concentrate on any thing else while focusing on the name of Hashem. so I was wondering if he passed that level and was able to have G-d's name and also able to other things at the same time. another aspect of it is that i think it mentions it there that a person can have only one thouhgt in their mind at one time.

A The mystery is as follows a person has seven slots constantly rotating through his head. Only one of them is in the conscious mind at any one specific second. This is the mystery of running and returning. When Rebbe Nachman wrote that a person can only have one thought at a time he was saying the following, that a person can always be in control of that one slot that is anchored in his conscious mind. When the rotating slots try to push their way a person must push them away and they will fall apart. All impure thoughts are generated by the impure spirits that a person has drawn upon himself. These are not the person himself and they only have power to continue as long as a they have a grasp on the person. As he pushes them from his conscious awareness which is his essence, his soul they lose more and more hold until they are destroyed. The opposite is also true the longer a person lets these thoughts dwell in his conscious mind the stronger they become.

Regarding Sheviti, the highest way to see the Shem Havaya is to have it black fire on top of white fire. However this is a very hard level to reach and a persons mind must be very pure and he must be an expert in Visualization Meditation. When a person first starts Shiviti he has to run and and return, place the name in one of the slots and keep on running to the other thoughts and then returning to visualizing the Shem Havaya. It comes out that a person does have a couple of things on his mind however he keeps on returning to Shvite. This is what a person must do when he wishes to do Shivte at all times so he can function and do other things as well as he is doing Shivte.

Then there are times when a person wishes to reach the higher levels of visualization he must then go in to deep meditation to do so. This is why Rabbi Nachman couldn't concentrate on anything else when he was younger. After a person does this for a while and if his mind is pure then it is burned into his mind and he no longer needs to place the effort he had to as when he was first starting out.


Alufim finish the books of Navi and start new round tomorrow

Zicharya 13 pasok 6 "and he shall ask him what are the marks between your shoulders, and he shall answer as I was lashed by the house of my friends."

For it is referring to the age of the fall of the Erev Rav when the people will rise up against the false leaders. At that age every person must get up and do Tikunim to rectify his soul. He must do it between him and himself as in the last verse he claimed to be a regular day laborer. We see that a person working can also do Tikunim. Also he mentioned his society group who would get together to do Tikunim including Malkos (39 lashes).

Malachi 1 pasok 2 "for Esav is a brother to Yackov, said the word of G-D and I have liked Yackov and Esav I hate. I will desolate his cities.... When Edom shall say we have once again regained our power let us rebuild our destroyed properties. So said YKVK Tzvakot they shall build and I shall destroy......

Very relevant to current plans of Edom.

Malachi 1 pasok 10 "would it only be that they would lock the doors of the Bait Hamikdash and they will not desecrate the Mizbach. I have no need for them said YKVK Tzvakot, I shall not accept their offerings.

referring to Erev Rav that chase only money and honor and pretend to be worshiping G-D.

Malachi 3 pasok 10 "bring ten percent of your income to my treasury, let there be substance in my house. Test me on this said YKVK Tzvakot see if I do not open the pathways of the sky and pour blessing on you until no end."

Only place where a person is allowed to test G-D is by giving Masser (10% of income to charity). G-D promises results, he promises that if a person always gives Maser he will be successful in his business dealings. He requests that people test him. Every person is obligated to give ten percent of income to charity. Any person who does not do so and still has money is no doubtly receiving his energy from the Sitra Achra. All the Alufim give their Masser to Kren Yoav ben Tzuria, since every cent is given to poor families and all activists are volunteers. In addition it is handed to poor people of Eretz Yisroel in the highest level of Mattan Bseter, where the person giving it does not know who is receiving it and the receiver does not know where it is coming from.

Malachi 3 pasok 24 "He shall make the sinning fathers return to the righteous way of their sons and the sinning sons to the ways of their righteous fathers, lest I come and obliterate the world to nothingness."

Last verse in Navi. Everyone must get their family members to repent and start doing Tikunim.

We are starting a new round of Navi (yehoshua) tomorrow. Anby one who wishes can join. The Kavonot are for Netzach and Hod of Alom Haseyah most are brought down in the beginning of
Chok Lyisroel.

Newest members of the Alufim finish 3rd round of 84 fasts

The Alfim finished a two day fast today. Our newest members used it to finish their 3rd round of Pay Daled Tanasim (84 fasts). The Tikun was very effective especial since it was finished during second week of SHOVAVIM.

according to Rabbi Yehuda Fatya, Rabbi Aharon Rutah and many other Kabbalits if a person committed a specific sin a number of times he should do the Tikunim of the Ari for that sin at least 3 times.


New Questions and Answers

Q I've heard that changing a name is something sometimes recommended to people
who are sick as a segulah. Would the same hold true if the Neshamah is
sick? Would adding a name help a person fight off the yetzer hara?

A It might, but it is not advisable. When a father names his son at the Bris
a low level of Roach Hakodesh descends on him, causing him to choose one
name over another. This names contains the attributes, characteristics
and mission of the new borne. Changing a name should only be used in an
extreme emergency. A person should not run away from his destiny but rather
work to make it come true.

Q Is learning Kaballah (Rav Aryeh Kaplan Sefarim, Likutey Maran ETC.) suggested to someone who is still in the start of the fight, to someone who is still steeped
in the uttermost pits of tumah?

A There are certain levels of Kabbalah that can be very harmful to a person if
he studies them before he is ready and worthy of it. However the basics
of Kabbalah should be known to everyone. If a person is asked to make
such a big sacrifice as to be Shomer Habris he need a strong drive to
do so. A person also needs to attain the fire of Kedusha that he can use
to cleanth himself and drive away the Klipot. He also needs a replacement
for the impure energy he was living on until now.

A person in the pits of tumah the best thing he can do for himself is to begin studying
Kabbalah. However he has to know his limits so he does not damage himself.
Rabbi Kaplan's books are fine; they have caused many people to do Teshuvah.
Reading Zohar is highly recommended. Likutay Maharan was written for everyone.
A person who wants to get himself out from the pits of Tumah, the first
thing he should do is study Likutay Maharan. As Rabbi Nachman himself
said "the most ill patient needs the most experienced doctor".

Q If it's ok for me to ask out of curiosity,
as I have been somewhat around Bresslov although clearly not enough- which
Rav in Bresslov of today this organization follows?

A We do not follow any particular group. Every Breslov is good. We do not involve
ourselves in controversy and politics.

Q I have been to Uman once, should I still consider it an utmost priority to return regardless of my financial situation?

A For the first trip a person should give up everything and go. After that it
goes as follows. A number of times Rabbi Nachman was asked by students
facing extreme opposition whether they should be by his Rosh Hashana or
not. Rabbi Nachman would reply that his Rosh Hashanah was everything.
When the disciple would starts complaining how hard it was for him to
make it Rabbi Nachman would reply so don't come. This would go back and
forth a number of times. Rabbi Nachmans rule was he would never force
anyone to do anything. He gave his answer, Yes he thought he should be
there. However the person would have to make up his own mind.

Some people go to Umon they see miracles. Others only see opposition from it. Ether
way everyone knows that he is receiving a priceless tikun. How much a
person is willing to sacrifice to get there is truly his own personal

Q I have made a couple of attempts at Hitbodedut, all to no avail. I have
allot of trouble letting go and speaking freely to and I don't believe
its because I cant see who I'm talking to, as even when I'm by a Tzadik
I am never able to say what I need to say. What recommendations do you

A Hisbodedute is by far the highest Tikun possible. If a person does it right it is
higher then any fast and segufim. There is therefore an immense amount
of opposition. There are many tips and pieces of advice. Nothing works
all the time a person has to constantly switch tactics. Most of this information
is brought down in Hishtapchut Hanefesh translated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan
Outpouring of the Soul (small paperback). The main trick is to set aside
time and due hisbodedute every day no mater what happens. Even if a long
period of time passes before he brakes through in the end he is guaranteed
that he will.

Q I feel like a hypocrite, doing Tikunim and then messing up and being Pogem Habris.

A It is not hypocrisy at all. A person has a Yetzer Tov and a Yetzer Hara sometimes
one is stronger then the other. It is not a contradiction at all. A person
should try to make sure his Yetzer Htov is always dominating. However
if he succumbs to his Yetzer Hara once in a while it does not mean that
he is a hypecrit, it does not mean that he should stop doing Tikunim.
If a person has fallen he should just ignore it, never look back and keep
on doing Tikunim.

Rabbi Nachman
the Tzadik Yesod Alom stated very clearly that


If he falls even hundreds of times and keeps on getting back up in the end he will

Also Rebbe Nachman writes that the further a person is away from Hashem the more
Hashem receives enjoyment from his actions when he does do a small move
for the sake of heaven. A person that grew up religious in a family that
were all Shomer Habris, this person sits and learns torah all day and
never visits places of impurity. It is relatively easy for this person
to be Shomer Habris. However a person that his whole life was sunk in
the Klipot and now for the first time he is fighting with all his might
to be Shomer Habris, this person even if he fall a number of times in
the process, still each time he gets up and starts again, this is very
enjoyable in the eyes of Hashem. This can be compared to a father that
is watching his son learning to walk. Even though the infant falls many
times, each and every time that he gets up determined to continue, the
father derives much enjoyment from this.

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The Rules

1 - You should not be on the internet

2 - If being on the internet ever caused you to look at Pritzut or heaven Forbid be Pogem Habris. Take a hammer and crack the screen of your computer.

3 - If you use the internet anyways and would like to join the blog
E-mail your information to alufim@truekabbalah.org

4 - The point of this blog is to connect the people who wish to battle the Klipot into one group.

5 - There are no requirements to become a member of the Blog. The only thing necessary is a commitment to follow the rules posted here.

6 - We will not tolerate the use of impure language or detailed description of your sins. If you transgress this, you will be warned. On a second offence you will be removed from list of members.

7- One is only allowed to post Torah, Kabbalisticly related stories or Tikunim that he is doing.

8- The comments are a little more lenient but they should all be Kabbalisticly related.

9- Every week we will post a Discussion Board - here members of the Blog can leave comments and communicate with each other.

10- New rules may be added at any time.