Teshuvah Al Ya'dai Hisbodidus

Submitted via email by David Moshe

Teshuvah al ya'dai Hisbodidus...IS THE EQUILENT to doing all of the fasts and tikkunim! Baruch Ha Shem we have a TIKKUN that was given to us with CHESED GADOL MEOD!!!! One thousand Alliyahs and Yeridas daily...fasts would never stop!

The fight is not to be in the cave! But, to turn to the one who created you to daven for your success!!! Rabah Emunaseicha!!! It is always reafirming to know that Ha Kodesh Boruchu is on OUR side...We must always react in the direction of the the one!

Ha Shem achad, Torah achad, Am achad...Shemo ACHAD! In hisbodedus we must concentrat on GETTING BACK TO THE TRUTH! We were created to bring his KAVOD in to this world b'slemus.

Even if chalilah you fall...do NOT stay down! Get up dust yourself off from whatever brought you down with (milah d'stusah). Realize how you fell atzvas, givah or cas ( for ex:).


We all must fall! That is the chiddush! It is the getting up that gives YIDDISHA NACHAS THE BOREH OLAM!!!